About Roc Kizomba

Founded in 2013

We are a new and exciting dance company in Rochester, New York.

We are a collection of dance enthusiasts ambitiously providing something new, challenging, and exciting to the dance community of Western NY and beyond. With a mix of creativity, a heavy emphasis on the fundamentals and origins of the dance, and an enthusiasm for learning and growth, we have taken our community by storm. We have attracted dancers and non-dancers alike, from all walks of life and work hard to make everyone feel both welcome and appreciated.

Instructors, Elyse Inzinga and Melissa Parkhurst, hope to expose students to Kizomba and open their minds to a new world of dance connection, musicality, and style they have yet to experience before.

We host both classes and social events in Rochester, NY and have traveled to surrounding areas including Buffalo, Syracuse, and even Toronto, Canada to teach and participate in dance workshops and events.

Our Instructors

Elyse Inzinga

Founder & Director

Elyse fell in love with Kizomba after being introduced to it by her friend and mentor, Pablo Orejuela, of Seattle. She began her Kizomba journey soon after by assisting Pablo in classes and training in the dance daily for the year he spent in Rochester. Upon his departure, Elyse decided share her passion for Kizomba with the surrounding Rochester community.

In April of 2013, she founded Roc Kizomba Company, introducing a brand new style of dance to the community. She has worked diligently to grow the size and popularity of the Kizomba dance community ever since.

Along with her teaching partner, Melissa, she has introduced Kizomba to all of the major dance venues in Rochester, NY, hosted several well-respected Kizomba instructors in Rochester for workshops, organized social events, and has even traveled to instruct several groups throughout Buffalo, Syracuse and even Toronto, Canada.

Melissa Parkhurst

Instructor & Performance Team Member

Melissa’s dance career began in 2010 after her very first Argentine tango class. She quickly fell in love with dance, devoting any of her free time to working with teachers in Western NY and then dedicating as much as she could to traveling to work with teachers from all over.

Three years later, Melissa was introduced to her first kizomba class and just needed to learn how to move to this amazing music! After throwing herself into private lessons and local events, she partnered up with Elyse to work to keep this dance in the Rochester area.

The heart of this lead/follow dance is in its connection to the ground beneath us, the music within us, and the union between partners. Melissa truly loves working with Elyse to teach and continue bringing this dance into the lives of as many as possible!